The original & best non-surgical face lift in the industry, using a micro current to lift sagging
muscles of the face and body, whilst also increasing production of collagen and
elastin to improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles

Full Face Lift including the jowls, 75 minutes - £60

Ultra Full Face Lift including the jowls, 2 hours - £90

Eye Lift, 30 minutes - £35

Jowl Lift, 30 minutes - £30

Skin Rejuvenation, 30 minute - £45

Acne Treatment, 30 minutes - £30

Healing Treatment, 30 minutes - £30

Wrinkle Revolution, 45 minutes - £40

Cellulite Treatment - great for stubborn cellulite, tired/achey legs, lifts & firms the buttocks,
contours & tones the thighs and legs & stimulates circulation, 30 minutes - £30

ADD ON'S to complement and tailor make your treatment, 15 minutes - £10 each

Wrinkle Comb - helps to soften & improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles using
amino peptide cream with micro current & red light therapy

Hydratone Mask - a boost of hydration pushed into your skin using the micro current

Light Therapy - breakouts, inflammation, redness, mild and severe acne

CACI treatments are all recommended to have in a course of 10 (2 a week for 5 weeks) to gain the best result, you will have a good result after 1 treatment and this will last 5 days so perfect for
any parties or events

Once having a CACI course the results are forever as long as a maintenance treatment is carried out every 4-6 weeks, if 2.5 months go by without having a treatment after the initial course the 10 treatment course will have to be carried out again as the muscles won't be able to cope with the current
used in a maintenance treatment

Payment is taken on the first treatment for the whole course

10 treatments for the price of 11 (your first maintenance is FREE!)

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